Stale Urine on PBS

This episode is airing again January 30, 1997!

On April 12, 1995, PBS aired an episode of the documentary series "Discovering Women" featuring former Techer Misha Mahowald. The documentary describes her research in Carverland, her childhood in Minnesota, and, oddly enough, Stale Urine.

Misha talks about her initial trepidation about coming to Caltech, which was reinforced by meeting a particularly "nerdly" fellow frosh on the plane out to California. As if to counter this image, the viewer is suddenly assaulted by a montage of images of Caltech undergrad life, set to the dulcet tones of SU playing "Rob Cobb's Job" at the infamous "Jon's Parents" session.

From PBS's special "Discovering Women":

Mike Radford drums

Adam, Jon, and Mike R. attempt to play

Godot plays; Mike B. observes magnanimously

Mike shows off that expensive dental work

Kurt's hair scares youngsters

What SU thinks

We are, frankly, stunned that some maniac would put us on national TV, let alone use our music for more than a split-second. Considering that we barely even remembered the guy with the Betacam, it was especially bizzare. As Mike B. says: "They used us as the soundtrack to UG life at Tech! We rewl!"

Thanks to Katy Sippel for telling us about the show. If we hadn't seen it, the irony would have been immense.

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